*New Release* Kanban Board View: A Single Task Screen to Boost Team Collaboration

December 1st | Vancouver, BC – Function Point is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product feature, the Kanban board view.

Function Point is an all-in-one centralized platform for agency management and is excited to add to its product suite, Kanban, to further enhance agency productivity. Kanban offers a visual view for teams to manage entire tasks, quickly shift priorities, track project progress, and stay on top of deadlines. Designed for agency project managers and production teams, Kanban will offer greater efficiency in their day-to-day task management and collaboration.

Why Kanban

The introduction of the feature is the result of customers’ growing need to collaborate effectively, which has been essential for creative agencies especially this year. Kanban gives internal teams complete control and visibility into client projects as they progress through different phases and undergo multiple iterations. Collaboration is the cornerstone of agency productivity and can become tricky when project elements are scattered across multiple platforms. Kanban is specifically designed to ease this pain and give teams the ability to manage all aspects of project tasks from a single screen.

“At Function Point, our customers’ needs are central to the product development process. We introduced Kanban to give our customers an improved collaboration experience, especially now as most of us have transitioned to a remote setup. The result of this release will be a task management system that enables easy project management, quick delegation, and seamless communication between internal teams.”, says Bobby Floujeh, CEO and President of Function Point.

What can Kanban do for teams?

Aside from operating within a single screen, Kanban eliminates the need for Project Managers to shuffle between multiple platforms to manage tasks. With over 9 different filters at their disposal, staff can choose how they wish to organize and personalize their individual boards. Color-coded tasks constantly keep users in the know about whether their jobs are running under, in-line with, or over budget. Furthermore, users can track time, share files, add comments, and reassign tasks all on one screen.

Each task within Kanban can be linked to a single job- this is an important step to ensure data and billing accuracy of each job across all its various elements within the Function Point System.

Getting started with Kanban Board View

To learn more about how Kanban can help your teams, please request a demo or contact us at info@functionpoint.com Learn More

About Function Point

Function Point alleviates the chaotic nature of operating creative agencies, internal marketing teams, and professional service firms. Used by over 7000 customers across the world, the all-in-one agency management solution helps teams connect each stage of project management, so you can do what you do best- be creative.

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