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Agency Tools: Free Creative Brief Template

A good creative brief is the fuel that feeds the creative design team to develop innovative, amazing, mind-blowing, and awe-inspiring work. Download the template for free.

Customer Testimonials: A Centralized System, Minimizing Admin Work

Download our testimonial sheet to see why our customers love using Function Point to centralize their agency operations and minimize admin work.

Customer Testimonials: Determining Profitability

Download our testimonial sheet to see why our customers love using Function Point to get a better view of their financials and profitability.

Customer Testimonials: Improving Agency Workflows

Download our testimonial sheet to see why our customers love using Function Point to improve their agency workflows.

Case Study: Function Point Internal Marketing Team

Industry: Software
Size: 5 Employees & 4 Freelancers

The Function Point Marketing team are guardians of the brand and responsible for articulating the values and positioning of the product to the market. After seeing a significant increase in volume and complexity of internal requests, FP’s in-house agency needed to implement the Function Point tool to track requests, project progress, deadlines, and costs. See how Function Point uses Function Point.

Function Point Product Fact Sheet

Download the Function Point Fact Sheet to get a summary of what our software does. Great for sharing with colleagues or as a reference tool to compare features and benefits.

The Masters 2.0 Webinar Series

This webinar series covers the most common topics for project and traffic managers, owners, accountants, AEs, and creatives.

The Masters Webinar Series

This webinar series covers the most commonly asked about topics from project and traffic managers, owners, accountants, AEs, and creatives.

FP Expert 2.0 Webinars

This webinar series covers the most commonly asked about topics in Function Point: system setup and general admin, invoicing, project and task management, CRM, accounting integration, and retainers.

FP Expert Webinars

This webinar series covers the most commonly asked about topics in Function Point: CRM, project and task management, CRM, accounting integration, and retainers.

Enjoy the Easy Life Webinar Series

These hot tips will make you so fast and efficient with your FP system that you’ll have extra time to bake cookies. By the way, we like chocolate chip, oatmeal and chocolate macadamia nut.

Dollars & Sense Webinar Series

Check out these great webinars to learn about selecting the best rate structure for your agency, generating and referencing financial reports, and all of our best practices for managing all of this in your FP system.

Go with the (Work)flow Webinar Series

Workflows are like waves; you gotta understand them before you can expect to stand on your board. This webinar series will take you through 4 radical workflows so you can ride any that come your way.

Spring Into Accounting with FP Invoicing & QuickBooks

Function Point’s QuickBooks® integration not only makes accounting easy, it allows you to take your accounting practices to the next level and provides valuable insights into the profitability of your creative agency. Learn more in this webinar series.

A-ha Sessions Webinar Series

The A-ha webinar series will provide you with useful insights on how to best use the FP system, plus handy tips and tricks that will free up your time.

The Bells and Whistles Webinar Series

This webinar series will take you on a mini tour of some of FP’s best features, including customized rates, brief templates, printouts, alerts and permissions.

I Heart Jobs Webinar Series

This new FP webinar series will cover email integration, tracking time and expenses.

EBook: Using Project Management Software

Using a web-based project management software will help streamline your creative agency’s workflows, maximize profitability and deliver projects on time. It makes collaboration with clients, vendors, and staff easy by making real-time job and project information available.

What you’ll learn:
+ How each member can better contribute to your agency’s success
+ How to prioritize goals for each role in your creative agency
+ How an online project management software can benefit each person in your agency

EBook: Ready For An Agency Management Solution?

Inside this detailed, yet easy-to-understand guide, you’ll find information on estimating; methods for determining rates; best practices in creating retainer agreements; and suggestions for determining and implementing KPIs to track and report profitability.

What you’ll learn:
+ Whether or not you need an agency management solution
+ What to consider when looking for a software solution
+ How to adopt and get internal uptake on your chosen system
+ How to prepare for rolling out your system

EBook: Profitability Made Easy

Here at Function Point, we know the day-to-day challenges creative agencies are faced with. One of the trends we’ve noticed is the need to understand how to calculate true profitability, in a way that takes all factors into account.

What you’ll learn:
+ Helpful information on estimating
+ Methods for determining rates
+ Best practices in creating retainer agreements
+ How to determine and implement KPIs to track and report profitability

Case Study: Top Draw

Industry: Online Marketing & Digital Strategy
Size: 27 Employees

Function Point’s delivery of real-time visibility, in tandem with accuracy and efficiency, has been a major contributor to Top Draw’s ability to read a timely pulse on project health and workload capacity. The agency can now be confident that growth will be supported by Function Point’s fully integrated systems, giving Top Draw more time to service their clients.

Case Study: Parcel Design

Industry: Brand & Communication Strategy
Size: 15 Employees

Parcel Design has used Function Point as its project management system for seven years, and was utilizing most areas of the software. The company values the system’s ability to track entire projects—from contacts, estimates and purchase orders, through to invoices and reconciliation. Over the years, almost every process in the company has been improved and simplified by Function Point. However, Parcel questioned whether their staff was using the software in the best way possible.

Case Study: CREW

Industry: Marketing Strategy & Creative
Size: 26 Employees

Function Point provided a solution that now makes it possible for CREW to view real-time profitability at the project, client, and team levels, as well as forecast revenue. The reporting analytics give an instant snapshot of the state of projects, and help management answer questions immediately. Questions such as: Where is this project at? Are we efficient? Where are we spending our time?

Case Study: Chute Gerdeman

Industry: Branding & Design
Size: 75 Employees

Using the project management tools Function Point provides, Chute Gerdeman was able to become more flexible with their programs, boost each the profits from their accounts and scale with our cloud-based system.

Case Study: Conquer Mobile

Industry: High-Tech (App Development)
Size: 12 Employees

Conquer Mobile had been using five different software tools to run the business’s day-to-day operations, and wanted to consolidate. With the deployment of Function Point, the company now keeps all of their client information in one place, accessible to everyone on the cloud.

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