Business Reporting

Business Reporting

Our business intelligence tools allow you to view reports about your agency’s profitability, efficiency, resource utilization, and sales pipeline. Get the information you need to make decisions you trust.

Improve business performance

To make the right decisions for your agency, you need the right insights. Having accurate reports about your agency’s internal performance allows you to see where profits are being made—and where they’re being lost. Are estimates not allocating enough time or do staff need training in order to complete projects? With the right profitability reporting you can steer your agency in the right direction.

Customizable reports

Insights delivered how you want them. Access 28 out-of-box reports other agencies use to analyze client profitability, staff efficiency, resource, and sales pipeline. These reports can be viewed in easily digestible formats—including pivot grids, bar and line. Know exactly where your agency can be improved and develop strategies to get there.

Find your profitable projects

Not all clients and projects are equally profitable. With some, you barely break even and others you make a healthy profit from. With our ability to look at historical data, you can determine which projects and clients make you profitable and create a strategy to maximize your work in those areas.

The complete picture

Your profitability, efficiency, resource, and sales reports are updated in real-time. With your creative team tracking time, your financial department creating invoices and your project managers managing projects all within Function Point, you never have to worry about incomplete information. Your agency’s vital statistics are all in one easy to access dashboard.

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“To those considering Function Point, I would suggest providing specific examples of your workflow to the FP team. Ask them to recreate those specific needs in a test scenario so you can better visualize how FP can provide solutions tailored to your organization.”

Christy Sevier, Senior Account Executive, Patrick Henry Creative Promotions (PHCP)

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Webinar: Key Industry Trends For Creative Agencies in 2023

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