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Agency Financials

Get the agency accounting tools and billing software you need to be quick, profitable, and efficient. Whether you’re invoicing or managing expenses, we make managing your finances easy.

Agency-specific financials

Creative agencies have to handle industry-specific documents that other businesses don’t have to think about, which is why traditional financial software doesn’t quite cut it in the creative world. Function Point’s accounting tools and billing software for agencies come equipped to produce client-facing invoices, including insertion orders and other agency-specific materials.

Invoice your clients faster

Save yourself time at the end of the month with our batch invoicing tool for creative agencies, allowing you to create and send hundreds of invoices. With all your information already stored within Function Point’s agency billing software, you can quickly pull together everything you need.

Integrate with Quickbooks

Our agency billing software integrates with QuickBooks® and provides a straightforward accounting solution with easy invoice preparation, expense management, and payment tracking. No more double entry needed to create invoices and generating P&L reports has never been simpler.

Track your billability

Not every hour a team member spends on client-facing work is billed. Sometimes you work pro bono to nurture the relationship or fix a mistake. Our accounting tools for agencies allow you to separate hours spent working on clients work from the amount of time billed to said client. This provides a deeper understanding of your agency’s true profitability.

Monitor your expenses

Agencies often incur costs while working on projects. There can be print orders, image purchases and raw materials that are bought and later need to be billed to the client. Without properly tracking these purchases, they may slip through the cracks and your agency eats the expense. Our expense management allows you to log these costs and fold them with your overhead expenses at the end of the project.

Save your agency time

Practical, effective financial functionality straight out-of-the-box. Our financial tools for agencies help you save time and money without complexity. Providing everything from rate card management software to time tracking software and expense tracking software, we have your financial needs covered.

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