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Function Point has been helping creative agencies like yours optimize workflow, streamline operations and get the insight needed to make better business decisions since 1997. This means we have more than 25 years of experience supporting agencies through all stages of growth – and we know what works and what doesn’t. That’s why today we aren’t just agency management software vendors. We’re your agency operations partners helping you to thrive and scale.

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Communications and PR Agencies
  • Design Agencies
  • Digital Agencies
  • In-House Agencies
  • Production Agencies and Video Agencies

Advertising Agencies

Manage your projects, keep an eye on your team’s workload, and eliminate the hassle of client-agency collaboration with an advertising agency management software built specifically for you.

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Communications and PR Agencies

Properly managing a communication or PR agency involves a lot of…communication. With your clients, with your audience, and within your agency. It’s easier said than done.  If you’re not careful, tasks slip through the cracks and deadlines fall to the wayside. With Function Point, we give you total transparency into your agency management. Know when deadlines are on the horizon, catch and address workload spikes, create accurate estimates, and bill them how you want. Everything you need in one easy to use place. 

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Design Agencies

Everything you need in an all-in-one design agency software. No more using five softwares to solve five problems. Bring your time tracking, estimates, project management, revision process, and more all under one roof. Your designers, project managers, and (most importantly) clients will all thank you.

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Digital Agencies

Get total insight into your digital agency with one tool. Know about upcoming deadlines well in advance, create accurate estimates for all your projects, understand your retainer budget in real-time, allocate resources early, and at the end of a quarter, generate business intelligence reports to take a deep look into your agency’s health. Function Point offers an all-in-one digital agency software that takes the hassle out of agency management.

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In-House Agencies

Your creative team is under one roof, now do the same for your management tools. With our all-in-one solution, you can streamline your job requests, get a snapshot of your team’s tasks, justify the value your department brings to the company and much more. 

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Production Agencies and Video Agencies

Create estimates with historical data, never worry about giving your teams more work than they can handle, and turn your agency management software into a one-stop shop for all things video proofing. 

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“To those considering Function Point, I would suggest providing specific examples of your workflow to the FP team. Ask them to recreate those specific needs in a test scenario so you can better visualize how FP can provide solutions tailored to your organization.”

Christy Sevier, Senior Account Executive, Patrick Henry Creative Promotions (PHCP)

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