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Project Management for Agencies

Agency project management software that helps you control the chaos. Quickly and accurately track the details that matter to ensure your team delivers on time, every time.

Unlock your project managers

An agency’s project managers are the lifeblood of the company. They’re the ones who keep the engine ticking smoothly. Don’t limit them by forcing them to use outdated and inefficient agency project management software. With Function Point, your PMs have all the tools and information they need in one easy to use place.

Gain complete visibility into all your advertising and creative projects

Never worry about missing key information again. Function Point’s ad agency project management software provides one central place to access all your project plans, deadlines, budgets, files, briefs, and resources. Your teams will always have the details they need, empowering them to deliver quality work on time and under budget.

Manage projects the way you want

All project managers have a preference for how they like to plan and oversee their assignments. Whether it’s GANTT charts, Kanban boards, team resources, or customizing your own dashboard, your PMs will see what they need the way they want in our agency project management software. Having one place to view projects and tasks allows for easy adaptation on the fly, adjusting timelines and shifting priorities as required.

Deliver projects on-time with automated workflow

Use our project management software for creative and marketing agencies to connect your project plans, resources, tasks, time tracking in one place to avoid double entries. Let dependencies automatically trigger workflows, notifying project managers and their team when it’s time to begin working on the next task. These notifications can be tailored to specific team members so other staff aren’t getting bombarded with irrelevant information and can focus on the work in front of them.

One screen for everything

Keep it simple and remove unnecessary complications. Instead of shuffling between multiple platforms to track tasks, use a single screen to manage entire projects and stay on top of project deadlines. In Function Point’s creative agency project management software you can assign tasks, share files, give feedback, and track time all on one screen.

Optimize agency capacity

Don’t oscillate between peaks of extreme workloads and valleys with nothing much for creatives to do. Function Point’s all-in-one agency management solution features easily customizable project management tools for advertising agencies. These tools give you the confidence you need to know when there is capacity to take on new work and to flawlessly deliver results.

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  • Marketing agencies are contracted to handle projects on behalf of their clients, and by nature, they often handle multiple different projects in parallel.


    This means that project management should be the backbone of any marketing agency’s day-to-day operations.


    In practice, agencies must leverage agency project management software to ensure proper execution of projects in three key areas:

    • Facilitating clear communication between team members, vendors/contractors, and clients
    • Accurate tracking of schedule/deadlines, progress, deliverables, and results
    • Regular analysis of each project’s results to continuously improve workflows to be more optimized, address identified issues, and ensure the productivity of the agency to make sure it stays profitable.

    In short, agencies manage clients’ projects to ensure they can achieve their objectives while staying within deadlines and budget.

  • Project management software for creative marketing and ad agencies is an online solution designed for project planning, resource allocation, scheduling, and change management.


    In practice, agency project management software allows its users (i.e., project managers) to plan and track project components, projects stakeholders, and resources with these primary functions:

    • Project planning:  defining a project schedule, mapping tasks and responsibilities, and describing task interactions
    • Collaboration: facilitating communication and collaboration between stakeholders
    • Document sharing: providing a central document repository for stakeholders
    • Task management: creation and assignment of tasks, establishing deadlines, and tracking progress
    • Calendar: real-time, automatically updated calendar to keep track of the schedule
    • Time tracking: tracking time for all tasks and maintaining an audit trail
  • By using project management software for your creative and advertising agency, project managers can have a bird’s eye view of four key elements in real-time, which will help them in making important project-related decisions.


    These four key elements are:

    • Project scope: the project’s goals, requirements, and limitations (size.) The scope is ultimately about the alignment between the project’s goals and the budget allocated to reach these goals.
    • Time management: time is a crucial factor in virtually any device. Each task must be prioritized, scheduled with a set duration, and allocated with the right resources.
    • Resource management: each project has three key resources; people, equipment, and material. It’s crucial to make sure the right people are assigned to the right tasks while giving appropriate access to the required materials and equipment.
    • Money management: estimating and managing the required financial expenses to achieve each task. It may also involve financial projections for the future.
  • Function Point is one of the best project management software for creative, design and advertising agencies at the moment. 


    One of the key advantages of Function Point is its unique approach to time tracking that allows agencies to set up preferences regarding billability (utilization vs. realization of time.) 


    Function Point can show billable timesheets that were previously written off (lower realization than utilization), which can help the agency not only in measuring accurate billable hours but also in accurately measuring the performances of different employees.


    Last but not least, Function Point also allows agencies to get proof of their employees’ work without the over-the-shoulder management treatment, facilitating a sustainable employer-employee relationship to maximize engagement and productivity. 

  • Function Point agency project management software offers an all-in-one workflow management experience with a robust set of features, including:

    • Resource and time management features:
      1. Time tracking
      2. Smart resource forecast by role 
      3. Forecast tentative projects
      4. Leave, vacation, and paid-time-off tracking
      5. Fully customizable work calendar
      6. Smart tracking of billable and non-billable hours
      7. Mobile/desktop app for time tracking
      8. Allocate to job/task
    • Client management features:
      1. Customer briefs
      2. Sales pipeline and opportunity tracking
      3. Create estimates and proposals
      4. Seamless email integration to Outlook and Gmail
      5. Workback schedule estimates
      6. Change order and revision tracking
    • Project management features:
      1. Retainer management
      2. Creative briefs
      3. Campaign and project hierarchy
      4. Schedule templates
      5. Gantt chart
      6. Task dependencies 
      7. Kanban board
    • Financial management features:
      1. Campaign and project budgeting
      2. Task budgeting
      3. Expense tracking and markup
      4. Batch invoicing
      5. Blended/role/staff rates
    • Business intelligence features:
      1. Customizable dashboards
      2. Profitability by client, project, and services
      3. Staff billable vs. utilization (efficiency analysis)
      4. Margin projection
      5. Project ROI
      6. Forecast reports
    • Collaboration features:
      1. Client portal
      2. Proofing
      3. Request management
      4. Team communication

    Function Point is not just another glorified time tracking and scheduling solution and offers a robust set of features to help you manage your internal and client projects in a comprehensive way.

  • Robust time-tracking features like the ability to configure billability (utilization vs. realization) so employers accurately differentiate between billable and non-billable hours.

  • Powerful and versatile expense tracking and cost-calculator features for a streamlined invoicing process.

  • View staff workload in real-time. Improved accountability would ultimately result in improved productivity. 

  • Comprehensive time tracking features for managing remote workers, like the ability to accurately track billable and non-billable hours. Excellent for managing remote team members.

  • Yes. For all you Project Managers who want to build schedules in Asana, we’ve got you covered!

    This integration will ensure your Function Point system remains your single source of truth while supporting and pulling from the schedules you build for your team in Asana.

    *Please note, that this integration will work for users who are on the Premium or Business plan of Asana.

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