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Team Collaboration

With your entire agency running on one collaboration software, your account managers know when invoices have been paid, your finance team knows when projects are due, and your creative team knows about upcoming work. No more broken communication.

Bring departments together with one central collaboration tool

Connect your Accounts, Project Management, Finance, and Creative teams with one central collaboration tool for agencies. Your scope of work, customer payments, and deadline changes all in one place and updated in real-time. Your whole creative agency pulls in the same direction.

Collaboration designed for the creative industry

Without a proper collaboration software in place, important project details can get lost in a flood of emails. Function Point allows your team access to creative briefs, design files, customer communications, and project details within the collaboration software, meaning your team members always know where to find the most up-to-date project information.

Automated alerts tailored to each team member

Don’t disrupt your team with irrelevant information. When projects move through the pipeline, our notification system inside collaboration software allows team members to get immediate updates and also allows you to filter out the noise so each team member only gets notified on items relevant to their work.

Client portal keeps everyone happy

Clients want to know what’s happening. You know your client’s project is in good health but you’re constantly getting flooded with phone calls and emails asking for an update. With our client portal, you can keep clients happy and in the know. It’s the easiest way to get project harmony, have total transparency, and let our clients see that they’ve got the high-quality work coming their way.

Built-in Proofing offers a seamless way to approve creative files

Proofing is one of the most time-consuming, tedious parts of any creative project. Don’t get tied up in delayed and inconsistent client feedback.

Function Point’s proofing tool can help teams review and approve files up to 50% faster, all while elevating collaboration and reducing creative burnout.
Internal teams and clients can review creative material, post comments, and approve content – all within the Function Point system quickly and more-effectively.

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