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Project management tools that improve agency performance

As your business grows, you’re juggling more and more detail. Projects are bigger, more complex and involving more team members than ever. Your expanding client list means more briefsto accept, more deadlines to meet, more resources to manage and more stakeholders to engage. There are endless cycles of budgets to optimize, communications to maintain and tasks to finish.

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Better project tracking

You’re managing but there has to be a better way to operate, right?

The answer is ‘yes’.

Control the chaos with integrated project management tools from Function Point. Our project management tools give you the insights you need to quickly and accurately track what matters most. Our task management tools ensure jobs are assigned accurately and actioned quickly to make sure your team delivers on-time, every time. And our built-in project brief tool streamlines how briefs are accepted, converted into actionable tasks, priced to estimate profitability and monitored to stay in scope.

“Function Point has been integral to ensuring McOuat Partnership’s seamless transition to a remote work environment. We can meet all job deadlines, know everyone’s workload, and ensure no budget overruns in real-time, without missing a beat.”

Jeff Hawley, studio manager at McOuat Partnership

"Having easy access to the analytics available in Function Point, we have re-engineered our workflow to be more efficient with our resources, more responsive to our clients and as a result, more profitable."

Shezad Manjee, Founder and CCO at DHD Films

“Function Point has given us the capability to have us all on the same page and access the same information easily and quickly.”

Priscilla Salmasi, Digital Marketing Manager at Veugeler Design Group

“Function Point's integration with our accounting software makes our invoice delivery system much easier.”

Princess Mangiliman, Director of Operations at Freestyle Creative

Optimize agency capacity

Function Point’s all-in-one agency management solution features built-in, easily customizable project management tools to give you the confidence you need to know when there is capacity to take on new work and to flawlessly deliver results, each and every time. Our project management solutions enable agencies to:

• stay on-brief and in-scope using our intuitive briefing tools for agencies
• quickly and easily track workflows with dynamic Gantt charts
• effortlessly assign jobs and identify dependencies with task management tools
• dynamically incorporate, and track, scope changes to an entire project in minutes
• monitor real-time performance against timelines to nimbly support project changes
• operate with greater predictability through real-time visibility to comprehensive job dashboards.

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