Function Point Supporting Underprivileged Kids in Honduras

Honduras is a small country located in Central America, with a population of roughly 10 million people. The economy of Honduras is primarily agricultural making it extremely vulnerable to disasters. The country is considered as a nation with medium development according to Human Development Index, with the majority of people living in poverty and having poor access to education.

In 2020 Honduras suffered from 2 major hurricanes, Eta and Iota, causing significant damage to the vulnerable economy. It is estimated that close to 10 billion USD has been lost as a result of those hurricanes.

Moreover, with the COVID-19 pandemic running rampant throughout the world at that time, it made the recovery even more difficult for the people of Honduras. These natural disasters have made education for underprivileged kids less accessible and more difficult to attain in such difficult conditions.

Some NGOs have stepped in to alleviate the damage, with Happy Kidz Canada being one of these charities. Happy Kidz Canada is a “Canadian international charity organization whose main mission is to bring life-changing care to children in need around the world. We seek to empower existing communities by supporting them in education, medical assistance and good infrastructure so that each child is able to reach their full protentional. Our goal is to help them flourish and thrive in a broken world.”.

With the lead of Function Point’s CEO, Bobby Floujeh, we have decided to partner up with Happy Kidz Canada. Function Point has donated all the laptops previously used by the staff, as well as a cash amount to assist with building the kitchen for the community. These laptops will be used to provide education to the underprivileged children on Honduras and support their future.

We would like to encourage everyone reading this blog post, as well as our partners in Volaris, to donate their previously used hardware and any cash amount to children of Honduras via Happy Kidz Canada or any other charity that supports children in need.

We are happy to see our older hardware, previously used to support our clients, now supporting the education of these beautiful children.

At Function Point we believe in donating to causes that our employees feel passionate about and helping the communities we are part of. Earlier this year we also donated to the Vancouver Food Bank, as well as supported Indian Residential School Survivors Society and Canada-Ukraine Foundation to aid those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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