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The Masters 2.0 Webinar Series


Learn how to use Function Point to manage the most fundamental areas of your agency’s operations. This series consists of 4 webinars covering the most common topics for project and traffic managers, owners, accountants, AEs, and creatives.

Effective Estimating

    • Covers how to efficiently create effective estimates within FP.


Creating Schedules and Managing Tasks

    • Covers how to create effective schedules, including bulk edits, dependencies, Gantt charts and more.
    • Reviews methods for managing tasks assigned to the team.


Alerts and Permissions

  • Covers how to create effective alert subscription sets so that your team is always up to date.
  • Review the permission structure of the system and how it can be used for different roles.


Communication and File Management

      • Covers how to use the FP system for internal communication, file sharing, commenting and more.