The Ultimate Marketing Plan Checklist [download]

Whether you’re taking on a small creative project or providing a new brand with full-service marketing support, you need to identify a clear marketing plan. A marketing plan takes into consideration the full marketing and sales cycle, from identifying a brand’s vision and position within the market to sales strategies and retention plans. Using a marketing plan checklist to build a solid plan will help your creative team understand how their work helps to achieve a brand’s overall marketing goals.

Some established brands may already have a marketing plan that you can use, but it’s not uncommon even for successful brands to not have a clearly identified marketing strategy in place. Helping your client draft out a marketing plan is a great way to get to know the key project stakeholders, build value and provide your creatives with a strong framework for project success.

A marketing plan should be regularly updated and referred to. It’s a living document that guides all agency work, as well as internal marketing efforts. When you get to work on writing your creative brief with your client, use this easy marketing strategy checklist to draft a marketing plan that will drive your project forward.

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