#OptimalPrime: The Best Way to Know if Your Note Was Read

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Know if Your Note Was Read

Communication black holes are all too easy to fall into these days: do you continue waiting for a reply, or do you send a follow-up message to check if your first one was received? With the tracking feature of Pinned Notes, you can see exactly who has read your Note.

Here’s How:

  1. Once you’ve pinned the Note to a staff member’s Dashboard, click “Pin”.
  2. You can now see who has received the Note, and who has read the Note.

optimal prime

Now there’s no excuse for not RSVPing to the company Christmas party or preparing the agenda for that Thursday meeting. With a single click, Pinned Note tracking takes the uncertainty out of your communication.

Keeping everyone on the same page can be tough when everyone is busy working on their own parts of the project. Having a well-defined project brief from the very beginning can help you avoid communication mishaps and scope creep. Use our free creative brief template below to keep projects on track from day one.

Creative Brief Templates

Stop Scope Creep in its Tracks

Stay tuned for the next #OptimalPrime where we continue your transformation into a productivity pro with a new trick in FP.

Marissa Ho

Marissa Ho

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