Set Up Your Workflow Management Dashboard For Success

Every team is different and each project is unique. With this in mind, it is important that your agency’s project resource management software gives you the tools you need to personalize the system to fit the project management style and needs of your team.

Customizable Dashboards

Dashboards give team members a quick way to update tasks, projects, jobs or other items they are assigned to — all in one place. Function Point’s dashboard was designed to be easily customizable, not only at the agency level, but per user as well. Each user can customize the layout and the content of their dashboard so that the most pertinent items are effortlessly accessible.

Do You Wear Different Hats?

It is not uncommon for employees to manage many hats in their agency. But this is not a problem; in fact, we love to accommodate our high achieving clientele. You can customize and save multiple dashboards that meet your needs for each role you take on and easily switch between them.

Business Intelligence Visuals Dashboard

Our clients in the creative industry expect and want a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. And they get it with our Business Intelligence (BI) Visuals Dashboard. Having key business intelligence metrics at their fingertips will help their creative and interactive agencies manage their workflows with greater accuracy. Visual data can be viewed for, but not limited to: jobs by company summary, timesheet summary, job summary, task or time summary, and recently viewed items

From customizable dashboards to visual intelligence tools, Function Point is the project resource management software you need to create and manage your notes, jobs, tasks and your overall to-do list. Book a demo with one of our experts and see what this workflow management software can do for your creative agency.

This article was contributed by former Function Point employee, Kaitlyn Yeung.

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