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Function Point Webinars

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the agency space, and keep your Function Point skills sharp with our current webinar series.

Feature Specific Webinars: This webinar series focuses on a specific feature or process within the FP system.

Agency Productivity Hacks Webinars: Join us once a month where we uncover tried and tested tactics on growing efficiencies and profitability in the ever changing and competitive agency landscape.

Can’t make it to the webinar? Register anyway and we’ll send you the recorded webinar to watch on-demand.

How To Manage Your Staff Workload With Work Planning View

May 27, 2020—1:00pm ET

Learn how you can effectively manage your agency’s staff workload and boost team efficiency using Work Planning View.

You will gain insights into:

  • An overview of Work Planning View (WPV) and how it works
  • How to set-up your work calendar and allocate workload in WPV
  • How task completion and time tracking affect WPV
  • Best practices around usage to forecast workload

How Can Agencies Better Tackle Business Uncertainties, with Drew McLellan

May 5, 2020—11:00am ET

Learn how agencies can mitigate risks and sustain growth during times of uncertainty, with Drew McLellan, owner and key driving force of Agency Management Institute (AMI).

You will gain insights into:

  • A detailed understanding of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) based metrics and AMI’s agency math 
  • Assessing COVID-19’s impact on agency profitability
  • Looking at the right reports from your Function Point system to enable more informed decision-making

Agency Productivity Hacks: Staying on Task With Veugeler Design Group

August 9, 2018—10:00am PT

Join our discussion with Priscilla Salmasi, Digital Marketing Manager at Veugeler Design Group, to gain insights into:

  • How to never miss another deadline
  • How to combat the over-servicing of clients
  • Ensuring your projects are profitable

Agency Productivity Hacks: Finding Balance with Firefly Partners

September 13, 2018—10:00am PT

Join our discussion with Jen Maceyko, Managing Director at Firefly Partners, to gain insights into:

  • How to manage your remote team
  • How to foster an agency culture of balance
  • How to boost team productivity with measured results

CRM and Sales Forecasting

October 10, 2018—10:00am PT
Learn how you can organize your sales opportunities within the FP system and generate insightful sales forecasts. We will also cover the process for tracking prospect stages, organizing sales related data, and setting follow-up reminders.

Effective Estimating

October 24, 2018—10:00am PT
Learn the FP recommended methods for creating Estimates that are optimized for reporting during and after the Job is closed. We will review how to estimate for all of your potential costs including your agency’s internal service, freelancers, expenses, media, and more.

Scheduling and Assigning Tasks

November 7, 2018—10:00am PT
Learn how to build Schedules optimized for your different Job types, as well as best practices for Task assignment when you don’t need a full Schedule.

Project Management and Task Reporting

December 5, 2018—10:00am PT
Manage multiple projects across multiple timelines for multiple clients more efficiently than ever. Learn how to tell how much work your agency can take on, and the simple ways to stay on top of the whats and whens of your team.

Retainer Set Up & Best Practices

January 9, 2019—10:00am PT
In this webinar, you will gain a high level overview of the different retainer set-up options in FP, with best practices for managing your retainer to ensure profitability.

Invoicing Made Easy: Retainer and Recurring Billing

January 23, 2019—10:00am PT
We will cover FP’s recommended methods for invoicing your retainers and any Jobs that have a recurring billing schedule. This includes single Job invoices, and cases when you want to include multiple Jobs on a single invoice.

Invoicing Made Easy: Fixed Price and Time & Materials

February 6, 2019—10:00am PT
We will cover FP’s recommended methods for invoicing Jobs that are priced based on a fixed amount, or are charged based on time spent and expenses purchased. This will include both single Job invoices and cases when you want to include multiple Jobs on a single invoice.

QuickBooks Online Integration Best Practices

February 20, 2019—10:00am PT
Get a high-level overview of the QuickBooks Online integration and learn best practices to ensure a smooth connection.

Alerts and Permissions

March 6, 2019—10:00am PT
We will review how to create effective alert subscriptions sets so that your team is always up to date. We will also review the permissions structure and how it can be used for different roles.