The Masters Webinar Series

Learn how to use Function Point to manage the most important aspects of your agency’s operations. This series consists of 4 webinars covering the most commonly asked about topics from project and traffic managers, owners, accountants, AEs, and creatives.

Project & Traffic Managers—Hit Every Deadline

  • Covers how to use the new schedules module, new gantt chart and other existing tools to effectively manage your schedules, resources and deadlines.
  • FP’s Product team will join this webinar to talk about new enhancements coming to these modules in the very near future, and how fp. will help take your agency to the next level.

Owners—Understanding Your Agency

  • Covers how to gain a better understanding of the health and profitability of your agency.
  • Learn what reports to pull and when. Understand what KPIs should be important to you and why.

Accountants & AEs—Get Your Billing Done Right

  • Covers the best methods for effective and efficient invoicing processes.
  • This webinar is perfect for anyone who is creating invoices in Function Point.

Creatives—Manage Your Daily Activities

  • Covers the best methods for members of the creative teams (Designers, Copywriters, Developers, etc.) to manage their daily activities efficiently and effectively, so that they can put their focus where it matters most; their creativity.

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