Go With the (Work)flow Webinar Series

Workflows are like waves; you gotta understand them before you can expect to stand on your board. Then you just gotta go with the flow—the workflow that is. This webinar series will take you through 4 radical workflows so you can ride any workflow that comes your way.

Ride Schedules to Profitability

Learn the benefits of this workflow including the increased accuracy of estimates.

  • Learn how to create work in your FP system, by starting with the creation of a schedule/timeline
  • Learn how to convert schedules you love into re-usable templates
  • Learn the benefits of this workflow including the accuracy of estimates

Stay on Top with Estimates

This workflow starts with creating an estimate that you can then use to build a job.

  • Learn best practices for creating winning estimates
  • Review creating Jobs from Estimates
  • Review associating Briefs and Schedules to Jobs

Ride Client Requests to the Bank

This workflow starts with a request from your Client Portal users, that you can turn into estimates and jobs.

  • Review of Client Portal basics and what a client work request looks like
  • Learn how to convert client submitted briefs into great estimates and jobs

Surf the Wave of Retainers

This workflow details multiple ways of managing retainers.

  • Discussion of common retainer work scenarios
  • Review of multiple methods within FP for handling retainer work

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