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Creative Brief Template

Fuel the Design Process With These Creative Brief Templates

A good creative brief is like a strongly brewed cup of coffee — it’s the fuel that feeds the creative design team to develop innovative, amazing, mind-blowing, and awe-inspiring work.

The Solution

Keep projects on track from day one. Use Function Point’s customizable creative brief template to collect all the information you need to plan projects effectively. Including:

  • Objectives and Results for the Project
  • Key Contacts Needed
  • Target Audience Breakdown

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Keep Your Projects Well Defined

Project Goals and Objectives

Use the templates to outline your projects to help keep them concise and well organized.

Timelines and Delivery Dates

Determine when additional resources or team members are required for a project.

And Much More

Cut and trim the template to customize your brief in order to fit the depth of your project.

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