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FP Expert Webinars


Learn how to use Function Point to manage the most important aspects of your agency’s operations. This series consists of 4 webinars covering the most commonly asked about topics in Function Point: CRM, project and task management, CRM, accounting integration, and retainers.


CRM and Managing Estimates

    • Covers the basics of fp.’s CRM
    • Learn about managing companies/contacts, notes, custom fields, skills.
    • Review the basics of managing estimate statuses so that useful sales and opportunity reports can be produced.


Project and Task Management

    • Covers the basics of managing your agency’s work in the FP system.
    • Learn about job/project management, schedule/task creation, and task management.


Invoicing—Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Retainers

    • Covers the methods for creating invoices in the FP system.
    • Review the basics of each type of invoice.
    • Learn about methods to create batches of invoices to speed up the process.


FP Accountant—FP’s QuickBooks integration

    • Covers the process for setting up FP Accountant.
    • Offers a high-level review of its use to sync fp. and QuickBooks®.