FP Expert 2.0 Webinars

Learn how to use Function Point to manage the most important aspects of your agency’s operations. This series consists of 7 webinars covering the most commonly asked about topics in Function Point: system setup and general admin, invoicing, project and task management, CRM, accounting integration, and retainers.

This series also includes an interactive FP Accountant webinar.

System Setup, Permissions, Alerts & General Admin

  • Covers a detailed review of the admin section of Function Point, including permissions, alerts and other important areas.
  • Learn the process for setting up and managing permission and alert sets for a variety of different users.


  • Covers how to create efficient, repeatable invoicing processes to manage your agency’s billing.
  • Learn effective methods for all types of agency billing; Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Recurring Billing etc.
  • Learn valuable tips and tricks to ensure your agency’s billing processes are scalable, so that you are able to effectively manage growth without needing to add additional admin staff.

CRM, Sales Management and Sales Reporting

  • Covers how to manage your agency’s sales pipeline, and report on sales and opportunities.
  • Review in detail the best practices for tracking sales leads, follow ups, and estimates.
  • Learn how to produce meaningful sales reports from Function Point.

Project and Task Management

  • Covers how to effectively manage your projects, tasks and resources.
  • Learn how how to organize and report on active work within the Function Point system.
  • Learn how to delegate assignments to your team, and effective ways of managing deadlines and resources.

FP Accountant Setup and Basics

  • Covers how to setup the fp.Accountant integration between Function Point and QuickBooks®, as well as the basics for syncing information between the two systems.
  • Learn the process for ensuring your integration is setup correctly, and the processes for syncing information between FP and QuickBooks®.

Interactive FP Accountant

  • Function Point expert, Marc Wilson, runs an interactive session focused on FP Accountant.
  • Covers best practices for managing the integration between the two systems.
  • Participants interact with our host and with each other, so that questions about specific scenarios can be answered and discussed.


  • Covers how to setup, manage, and report on your retainers.
  • Review in detail the best practices for managing different types of retainers within the FP system.
  • Learn valuable tips and tricks to ensure your agency’s retainers remain efficient, organized, and profitable as you grow your agency.

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