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Creative Brief Template For Graphic Design

Improve Your Creative Briefs to Deliver Better Results

Why Do You Need A Graphic Design Brief Template?

  • Keep projects on track from day one. Use Function Point’s customizable graphic design brief template to collect all the information you need to plan projects effectively

  • Talk to the client and ask them lots of questions

  • Research the product or service; get to know it personally!

  • Research the competition; know what you are selling against

  • Research your audience

  • Be one step ahead! Save time, energy and resources downloading our customizable design brief template

Fuel the Design Process With This Graphic Design Brief Template

You might think of graphic design creative briefs as a roadblock in an already too-long list of work that needs to get done. But graphic design briefs are foundational to delivering successful design programs. When done well, these documents boost creativity and keep the team focused!

The benefits to having a graphic design creative brief done prior to starting/launching a project are numerous:

– Your client and team are aligning around clear goals
– Brings consistency and structure to the creative design process
– Document key details needed to work efficiently
– Define the elements of a marketing graphic design project or campaign
– Capture exactly what must be delivered

Download Your Free Creative Brief Template For Graphic Design