2023 Industry Trends Report for Creative Agencies

2023 Industry Trends Report for Creative Agencies

Productivity and Profitability Benchmarks for Your Agency

Get the 2023 Industry Trends Report for Creative Agencies

Recession proof your agency with productivity and profitability benchmarks for small- and medium-sized creative agencies

Find Out Where Agencies Are Heading in 2023

2022 has been a tumultuous time for businesses, as initial optimism over the emergence from pandemic restrictions has given way to concern over rising inflation and economic uncertainty.

After another eventful year, we surveyed almost 200 small- and medium-sized agencies to find out how the industry has changed and what we can expect as we head into 2023. The results give us a unique benchmark for agencies throughout North America to see how their counterparts are surviving and thriving in volatile times.

Our data reveals how much of the challenges we see in agencies comes from internal factors – and we see a significant group of agencies who are reaping the rewards of strong processes and strategies that allow them to significantly increase the value generated from small teams.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the trends driving our industry, give exclusive insight into how staffing, revenue and technology have changed in 2022 and find out how businesses are planning for 2023.

What’s inside the report

What is the number one challenge for agency owners

Difference in productivity for remote versus office teams and its impact on ROI

The services most expected to grow in the next year

Impact of inflation on agency pricing

Number #1 factor when it comes to employee retention

How much money is being lost in agencies who don’t use integrated software tools

% of agencies who regularly over-service their clients


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