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Client Engagement Worksheet

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Create a Culture of Wow

Wowing your clients doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour that only big agencies can afford to take advantage of. More often than not, it’s the personal gestures and excellent service that create repeat clients.

The Solution

  • Use the client engagement worksheet to map out strategy and plan opportunities to wow your clients along the project pipeline; keeping them impressed from pitch to project completion.

Client Engagement That Shines

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Impress

Use the client engagement plan worksheet to proactively plot out those impressive touchpoints right from the start.

Create a Culture of Wow

Cut and trim the worksheet, customizing it to instill an agency-wide mission to create opportunities to deliver above and beyond.

Make an Impression On-Budget

Wowing your clients doesn’t have to be an expensive, big-agency-only activity. Take advantage of all the wins using the customer engagement worksheet.


Win More Repeat Clients

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