Case Study: Top Draw

Company Growth via. Visibility, Accuracy, and Efficiency

Industry: Online Marketing & Digital Strategy
Size: 27 Employees
Location: Edmonton, AB

Founded in 1993, Top Draw is a fully integrated online marketing agency with an expert team of designers and strategists. From digital strategy to responsive websites and web-based applications, Top Draw connects design, technology, and real-life data to create custom online solutions that help businesses thrive.

Before Function Point

  • Top Draw utilized up to eight different software tools to manage projects, which made extraction and transfer of information prone to error.
  • The agency did not have a rapid means to review project health or assess how busy internal departments were.
  • Without an integrated project management system, scalability was limited.

After Function Point

  • Function Point’s all-in-one software system increased efficiency, and reduced the chance for errors during data transfer between multiple software platforms.
  • Accelerated reporting provided a barometer to gauge available human resources.
  • Improved visibility on clients’ projects has made Top Draw more agile in responding to their needs.
  • Function Point helped Top Draw break through barriers to growth.
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