Case Study: Patrick Henry Creative Promotions

Team efficiency soars at PHCP as Function Point completely automates and streamlines agency workflow.

Industry: Creative Solutions, Hospitality, Food and Beverage
Size: 42 Employees
Location: West Loop South, Houston, Texas, US

As creative problem solvers, Patrick Henry Creative Promotions (PHCP) provides custom strategies that deliver real marketing solutions for the hospitality industry. Launched in 1987, the company develops beverage program consulting, strategy development, mixology, graphic design, training, and event management.

Summary of challenges prior to Function Point

  • Cumbersome and time-consuming manual processing
  • Lack of project process connectivity across teams
  • Greater margin of error, with issues compounded by company growth

Summary of the benefits of Function Point

  • Greater productivity: A new, streamlined workflow means increased team efficiency and more time to address client needs
  • Increased visibility: Centralized processes and reporting offers greater visibility and connectivity across teams and functions
  • Cost and time savings: Automation and easy customization greatly reduces dependency on manual processes and spreadsheets
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