Case Study: Parcel Designs

Specialized Training to Boost Productivity & Profits

Industry: Brand & Communication Strategy
Size: 15 Employees
Location: Toronto, ON

Established in 2004, Parcel Design is an award-winning brand strategy and communication design firm. The agency designs in all dimensions—identity systems, print, digital, packaging, new media and story development—and has become known for creating highly integrated, tactile solutions with a strong sense of character.

Before Function Point Specialized Training

  • There were a number of employees at Parcel using Function Point for timesheets only, and the company’s principal wanted to review the value they were receiving.
  • Staff did not know if they were using Function Point in the most effective way.
  • The process of creating estimates and invoices had become unwieldy, with unnecessary service groups being added.

After Function Point Specialized Training

  • Parcel’s staff had the opportunity to ask questions one-on-one and learn how to improve the ways in which they use Function Point.
  • Employees were shown how to customize their dashboards based on the information they wanted to see.
  • Function Point gave suggestions on how to simplify certain processes, improving efficiency.
  • Employees had an opportunity to update their knowledge of current processes, as Function Point is making constant updates and improvements based on client requests.
  • Industry information was shared and discussed, changing the way Parcel looks at productivity.
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