Case Study: Kidzsmart Concepts Inc.

Kidzsmart sees a 50% drop in operating expenses by implementing Function Point

Industry: Restaurant, Sports, and Utility
Size: 10 – 20 Employees
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Kidzsmart is a creative marketing and communications company dedicated to engaging kids, moms, and families with intelligent, educational, branded fun. Through its exclusive ‘Learn Through Play’ engagement model, Kidzsmart provides game-based marketing services to leading brands primarily in the restaurant, professional sports, and utility sectors.

Kidzsmart specializes in Marketing & Strategy, Branding & Design, Content Production, Digital Development, and Print Management.

Summary of challenges prior to Function Point

  • Unavailability of a centralized system to manage projects end-to-end
  • Cumbersome, manual processing using physical dockets
  • Difficulty assessing project health, utlization, and profitability
  • Inadequate process to manage remote teams

Summary of the benefits of Function Point

  • 50% decrease in operating expenses
  • Increased visibility into staff utilization vs. billability
  • Ability to assess true cost of each project
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