Case Study: Function Point Internal Marketing Team

Clarity and Accountability For a Growing In-House Marketing Team

Industry: Software
Size: 5 Employees & 4 Freelancers
Location: Vancouver, BC

The Function Point Marketing team are guardians of the brand and responsible for articulating the values and positioning of the product to the market. As an in-house agency, we drive and execute strategies for content marketing, community management, customer acquisition, sales enablement and product marketing.


  • Large increase in volume and complexity of internal marketing requests.
  • Disjointed communication for requests and project progress.
  • A need for better human resource management, more accurate project timelines and improved project forecasting.


  • Clarity into true project costs, including internal services (ex. employee hours), internal expenses (ie. corporate swag costs), and external expenses (ie. printing costs).
  • Minimized amount of back-and-forth emails due to transparent schedules, project dependencies and communication.
  • Minimized number of revisions for sales enablement content due to clarity from brief through to project completion.
  • Creation of standardized delivery times for sales enablement white papers, guides, landing pages, and corporate swag requests.
  • Internal clients saved time drafting individual request by using templated Briefs and Estimates.
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