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Case Study: Freestyle Creative

Clear View into Time Management Nearly Doubles Productivity




Industry: Advertising, Digital Marketing & Strategy
Size: 12 Employees
Location: Moore, Oklahoma

Freestyle Creative is a full-service advertising agency operating at the intersection of strategy and creativity. Founded in 2008, the company possesses strong roots in the Oklahoma film community — plus a talented, “high-energy” team. It delivers outstanding digital marketing, web development and film production services to clients across many industries.



  • Existing apps for invoicing, timesheets and estimates were disjointed.
  • Lack of clarity on where employees spent their time.
  • Need to centralize project budgeting, invoicing and time management functions.


  • Improved invoice delivery through integration with existing software.
  • New clarity into how they could work more efficiently and grow their client-base.
  • Improved timesheet tracking, enabling creatives to easily see their billable vs. non-billable hours.