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Case Study: CREW

Accurate Reporting = Better Project Management




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Industry: Marketing & Creative Strategy
Size: 26 Employees
Location: Abbotsford, BC

CREW Strategic Marketing & Creative Agency is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in delivering results-based marketing strategies to growing businesses and non-profit organizations across Canada. Founded by Braden Douglas in 2007, CREW’s team of savvy and creative marketing and design professionals leverages a proprietary 8-step marketing strategy process to provide innovative and results-driven marketing solutions.


Before Function Point

  • The CREW team did not have a single, unified software solution, which meant the company’s organizational systems were fragmented.
  • The processes of tracking external expenses and staff time were not fully integrated, and some costs were not being captured.
  • Reporting, time-tracking and accounting systems were not tied together, resulting in a lack of visibility on projects.

After Function Point

  • Function Point has become the backbone of the CREW agency, providing a framework and structure within which staff can carry out their work.
  • Implementing external expense and time-tracking means that no costs are overlooked.
  • Accurate reporting has given the CREW team the ability to view the business at a macro-level, and gauge client and project profitability as well as overall efficiency.