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Case Study: Conquer Mobile

Workflow Efficiencies = Improved Productivity




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Industry: Hi-Tech
Size: 12 Employees
Location: Vancouver, BC

Conquer Mobile is a specialist in enterprise mobile app development, with deep expertise in iOS and Android, mobile security, Bluetooth LE, cross-platform C++ development and 3D visualization. Founded in 2007, Conquer Mobile has rapidly become a development partner for leading software vendors and gained a solid track record delivering apps for blue chip clients.


Before Function Point

  • Conquer Mobile did not have a smooth, consistent work ow from the initial project stage of estimating to the final stage of billing.
  • The process of creating custom proposals was inefficient, and the company could not get them out to the client quickly. Once approved, proposals could not be integrated into their existing software and turned around as a work order in a timely fashion.
  • Time-tracking was not accurate, and too much energy was spent categorizing timesheets at a granular level. It was difficult to track jobs against the estimates.
  • Conquer Mobile did not have a method of running reports on monthly employee costs, forecasting revenue and previous billing history.

After Function Point

  • Function Point’s integrated project management system improved the workflow for Conquer Mobile.
  • Custom proposals can be converted more efficiently into work orders, saving time.
  • Function Point has simplified the company’s time-tracking, making it easier for staff to use. Now the hours worked can be compared to the original estimate throughout the various stages of a project.
  • Billable hours can be pulled more quickly, which has resulted in Conquer Mobile being able to invoice faster.
  • Conquer Mobile now has financial planning tools, with the facility to create reports that show clients’ billing histories, and demonstrate revenue forecasting.