Case Study: Clockwork 9

Improved Project Management in a Flexible Environment that Leads to Growth

Industry: Videography, CGI & Animation, Photography, Graphic Design
Size: 9+ Employees
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Clockwork 9 was started in 2016 by a band of six freelancers, which included Andrew Spirk.
They have enjoyed a minimum of 60% YOY growth since opening their doors. With a ‘flatland’ based culture where true freedom of time and decision making is realized for employees, effective project management is more important to them than almost anything else

Before Function Point Specialized Training

  • Slow onboarding of staff and freelancers onto projects
  • Missing deadlines on client projects
  • Inaccurate data entry between siloed systems
  • Inability to share a holistic overview of projects due to siloed information systems

After Function Point Specialized Training

  • Gained full agency transparency across teams through agency workflow
  • Access to business data and analytics justified an increased billable hours and billable rate
  • Ability to standardize, repeat, and scale internal workflow
  • Increased billable hours and billable rates
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