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Case Study: Chute Gerdeman

Working to Scale and Remain Flexible




Chute Gerdeman Logo

Industry: Design & Branding
Size: 75 Employees
Location: Columbus, OH
Chute Gerdeman is an award-winning strategic brand and design firm. Founded in 1989, the company is an innovator in beneficial customer brand experiences in the retail, restaurant, consumer goods and service provider industries.

Before Function Point

  • The company used custom-built, time-tracking software and was ready to update it.
  • Chute Gerdeman used lots of offline documents to track project details.

After Function Point

  • The implementation of a customizable, cloud-based software provided flexibility to a large number of projects and users in the firm.
  • Chute Gerdeman was able to build a database to their specifications, which allows for a uni ed system to track clients, contacts, projects, and staff without worrying about technology challenges in the future.
  • Function Point equipped the business with tools to better measure overall project health, resource utilization, and staff tasks.