Case Study: Acart

Function Point boosts Acart’s metrics and offers a holistic view with a click.

Industry: Full-service mid-market advertising agency
Size: 25 Full-Time Staff
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Acart provides an end-to-end marketing approach that encompasses the entire marketing journey, from research and strategy to creative development and optimization. With a focus on intimate understanding of the intersection between business strategy and marketing, Acart acts as an expert extension of your team, delivering complete solutions to achieve desired results.

Summary of challenges prior to Function Point

  • Underutilized and disconnected software systems
  • Lack of data consolidation and real-time access across departments
  • Greater margin of error, with issues compounded by company growth

Summary of the benefits of Function Point

  • Revenue Growth and Cost Reduction: the new infrastructure boosts business metrics and provides a holistic view with one click.
  • Gain in Transparency and Capacity: having an automated forecasting increases transparency and capacity for team communication.
  • Improved NPS Score: the team can now identify gaps on where they need to scale up with freelancers or bring on a new staff member.
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