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Master Staffing at Your Agency

Your guide to maximizing value from your people

What You’ll Learn

  • How to sustainably embed these changes for the long term

  • How to use your staffing strategy to maximize value from your people

  • Which tactics will help you attract top talent even if you don’t have a top budget

  • Which metrics will allow you to effectively understand employee workload and satisfaction

  • What methods you can use to calculate when a freelancer or a full-time hire will be best for your agency

  • How to play to the strengths and improve the weaknesses of remote, hybrid, and in-office working models

Your guide to happy and productive teams

This e-book presents the business case for how your staffing strategy can be a key driver of value throughout your agency – and gives you actionable insights into how you can make that happen. We’ll cover how you can get the most out of remote, hybrid, and on-site organizational models, and you’ll discover the metrics and calculations you need to take a deep dive into individual and team workloads, time usage, and satisfaction.

We’ll look too at how you can attract top talent, and finally at how you can successfully establish your mission-driven culture as part of your agency’s DNA for the long term.

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