2022 Creative Industry Trends Report – Productivity and Profitability Benchmarks for Your Agency

2022 Creative Industry Trends Report

Insights from over 300 Agencies across the US and Canada.

Find Out Where Agencies Are Heading in 2022

If 2020 saw agencies adapting to an unprecedented situation, 2021 saw them settle into new approaches to delivering high-quality services to their clients.

Last year, our report focused on how Covid affected the creative industry. This year, we wanted to see how agencies have moved on and what the landscape looks like now.

We surveyed over 300 creative agencies to understand how the industry has changed in the past 12-months. The report provides benchmarks of how other agencies are performing and points out some potential ways your agency can grow and perform better.

We hope these results provide a useful glimpse into how the industry has evolved, and where it may be heading.

What’s inside the report

Which productivity metrics agencies care most about

How often agencies overservice their clients

The services most expected to grow in the next year

What is the sweet spot for billable time

How many agencies have shifted to relying on freelancers


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