2021 Creative Industry Trends Report

How COVID-19 has changed the creative industry

Insights from 100+ Agencies Across the US & Canada

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Find out how COVID-19 impacted agency profitability, gross revenue, and staff utilization.

Examining the impact of COVID-19 on Agencies

By the end of 2020 creative teams had completely changed the way they work, collaborate, and service their clients. With this dramatic shift, new trends around agency profitability, productivity, and utilization emerged. Function Point surveyed over 100 creative agencies across North America to understand how the industry changed over the course of this 12-month period.

What’s inside the report

Find out how agencies maintained revenue and profit margins in 2020

Over 93% of the agencies switched to a work-from-home model during COVID-19. Learn what owners are planning for after COVID-19, in 2021

Learn how some agencies were 3.5x more likely to maintain or increase profit margin and revenue last year


Watch Marketing News Canada’s panel discussion on working collaboratively and managing a remote team in 2020 and beyond.

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