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Resources Management

Are You Sure of Your Team’s Capabilities?


“Know your team better than they know themselves.”

           Jess Bird, Customer Success Manager

You’ve got your A-Team prepped, motivated and ready to go. They always get the job done, but you’re unsure how long tasks take, what their utilization rate is, and what they can handle. Because of that, you risk overworking individual team members, underutilizing others, missing deadlines and losing out on profits.

The FP Fix

You’re selling your team’s time. And how that time is used is crucial to your business. As a Project Management Master, you’ll know what skills are needed and when.

  • Predict team productivity and success with Work Planning View
  • Prevent risks and bottlenecks before they happen with Drag & Drop Gantt Charts
  • Track your teams time for with Integrated Timesheets & Time Tracking
  • Determine when more people are needed with our Resource Allocation View

The result? Fewer grumpy, burnt out employees, more deadlines met and a deeper understanding of how your agency works. Then your team will be happy, healthy and profitable. 

“I like the resource calendar so you can see availability at a glance. Overall, it brings several of our key needs into one, centralized place which is great.

Jennifer Frazier, Firefly Partners

Alleviate Forecasting Anxiety

Larger projects mean more complex budgets. Between tracking essential resources and forecasting budget estimates, you’re unsure exactly how much work is required for each project. Your clients risk facing an unpleasant surprise come project completion.

The FP Fix

Cut through the haze and get a clearer vision of how your company works. Function Point gives you the long view into the ROI, health and efficiency of any given project and takes the guesswork out of forecasting.

  • Predict project success when you tie Rate & Expense Management to Resource Allocation
  • Repeat profitable behaviour with easy-to-use Job Templates
  • Keep all project stakeholders in the loop with the Client Portal