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Built-in Proofing

A seamless way to review and approve digital files.

Proofing elevates collaboration and accelerates turnaround times on digital proofs, by allowing teams and clients to review creative material, post comments, and approve content – all within the Function Point system!

Approve files up to 50% faster with FP proofing vs. email!

Save time and increase team productivity.


Reduce creative burnout


Ensure fewer project delays


Get faster client approvals


Decrease number of proof revisions

Proof Options

When you create a proof, you can decide whether to allow approvers to download files, view all comments, approve the proof with changes, or approve individual files.

Contextual Commenting

All comments made on a proof will be tied to a specific point on the page. When you click on a comment, you will automatically be taken to the location it was made.

Mark-up Tools

In addition to commenting, approvers have the ability to single-click anywhere on a proof and specify exactly what they mean with the help of rectangles and arrows.


In comments, FP Proofing gives you the ability to mention other approvers who currently have access. Mentioned approvers will receive notifications related to that comment thread.

Video Proofing

Seamlessly proof video files in Function Point. Comments will be tied to a specific point on the page and the time in the video in which it was created.

Comment Threads

Keep conversations organized. You you can respond to comments others have made and resolve comment threads when the discussion has concluded.

Automated Reminders

Speed up approvals by 50% with automated reminders and custom frequencies for each.

Upgrade the way your creative teams manage and approve files.