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Accounting & Invoicing

Eliminate the Bad Surprises


“With the right accounting tools in hand, your projects will earn more.”

Brittany Coulter, Finance & Business Operations Manager

The accounting tools you’re using are all over the place. Some tools work well, others are less helpful and others still are just old and broken. On top of that, you have to keep open several windows and tabs just to complete a day’s work on one project.

The FP Fix

One word: integration. Get all of the accounting tools you need to be quick, profitable and efficient.  And most importantly to keep your sanity because we’re like a swiss army knife if it could do lightning quick calculations and invoicing.

  • Make invoicing a snap with our Gold-Level Quickbooks Integration
  • Tie-in timesheets and time tracking with Customizable Rates
  • Keep internal and external expenses straight with Integrated Invoicing
  • Report on staff and overhead costs, while Managing Expenses

The way it keeps track of expenses attributed to a job is excellent. Nothing slips through the cracks. And the way it syncs with Quickbooks is the feature I was looking for. Such a time saver!”

– Nancy Hewitt, Dering Elliot & Associates

Get The Numbers You Need To Know

There’s a school of thought that says you can’t tell if you’re profitable if you don’t have ALL the numbers. This sends you hunting through reams of reports, piles of spreadsheets and a million memos and emails. It’s like trying to complete a finance puzzle with only words.

The FP Fix

Feast your eyes on all of the numbers that matter. Using our finance-first Project Management system lets you know if your projects are making money. Get an at-a-glance sense of everything from:

  • Project by project Profit Reporting
  • Financial reporting and estimations are integrated into Tasks and Projects
  • Filter for billable and non-billable hours when using Timesheet Summaries