Resource Management

Resource Management for Agencies

For creative agencies, time is money. Our agency resource management software allows you to utilize your staff and ensure they spend their time on billable projects while also making sure nobody is overworked.

View staff workload in real-time

Staff are automatically assigned tasks as a project progresses. View their schedule and easily see who has room for more work and who is already running at full capacity. By keeping an eye on everyone’s workload in our agency resource management software you also help prevent burnout and ensure your team stays fulfilled and productive.

Forecast for future work

Know what’s coming and plan accordingly. Utilize your insights and historical data from resource management software to know which projects are coming through the pipeline and allocate resources ahead of time so the right staff are available for the projects. Doing so keeps your creative team informed and knowing what to expect while ensuring that deadlines are met.

Know who is using your resources

Understand which client, job, and service your team is spending resources on so you can forecast future workload more accurately. Staff are automatically assigned tasks as a project progresses and workloads are updated automatically when tasks are assigned, time is tracked, and work is completed.

Maximize staff billability and utilization

Function Point’s all-in-one agency management software optimizes your team’s resources and avoids bottlenecks by helping you plan your team’s time. It’s connected to our time tracking and task management softwares for agencies, allowing you to see real-time capacity planning without any double entry and increase your agency’s billability and staff utilization.

Accurately track time

For agencies, time is money. Projects can only be profitable if your teams are finishing projects on deadline. Our agency resource management software allows creatives to log their hours either at the end of the day or using the timer while they work, and our smartphone app means people can track their time wherever they are and whenever it’s most convenient.

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“To those considering Function Point, I would suggest providing specific examples of your workflow to the FP team. Ask them to recreate those specific needs in a test scenario so you can better visualize how FP can provide solutions tailored to your organization.”

Christy Sevier, Senior Account Executive, Patrick Henry Creative Promotions (PHCP)

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