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Project Management

Business is Booming But Now You're Swamped

“Get your head above water and into an Employee of the Month photo.”

Sean Harris, Customer Success Lead
Your company is growing. Projects are bigger and more complex than ever. That means more to juggle: milestones, resources, stakeholders, budgets and tasks.

The FP Fix

Meet the one tool you need for Project Management. Easy to customize, Function Point lets you quickly and accurately keep track of what matters most to your company.
  • Workflow tracking with dynamic Gantt Charts
  • Assign jobs with Task Management
  • Keep on strategy and in scope with Project Briefs
  • Analyze client interactions and data with CRM

"We have never been so organized, and we've only been using the system for 3 months. Everyone knows exactly what they should be working on, and how long they have to work on it."

- Jamie Judy,  Merit Marketing & Advertising

Plan On Being More Organized

Pick a cliche: you’re flying by the seat of your pants, operating in the dark or making-do. In reality, you’re likely using a variety of tools to manage one project and it’s leading to a disorganized mess. There has to be a better way to operate, right?

The FP Fix

Rein in the department by using our connected features to improve the workflow. They will give you the control, consensus and visibility you need to get all of your projects from point A to point B to point Z.
  • Make an order of priorities with To-Do Lists
  • Efficiently make project revisions with Bulk Editing
  • Repeat profitable practices with Jobs & Schedules
  • Keep on track with an integrated Calendar
Project Management

Resources Management

Are You Sure of Your Team’s Capabilities?

“Know your team better than they know themselves.”

           Jess Bird, Customer Success Manager
You’ve got your A-Team prepped, motivated and ready to go. They always get the job done, but you’re unsure how long tasks take, what their utilization rate is, and what they can handle. Because of that, you risk overworking individual team members, underutilizing others, missing deadlines and losing out on profits.

The FP Fix

You’re selling your team’s time. And how that time is used is crucial to your business. As a Project Management Master, you’ll know what skills are needed and when.
  • Predict team productivity and success with Work Planning View
  • Prevent risks and bottlenecks before they happen with Drag & Drop Gantt Charts
  • Track time for team members’ performance with Integrated Timesheets
  • Determine when more people are needed with our Resource Allocation View
The result? Fewer grumpy, burnt out employees, more deadlines met and a deeper understanding of how your agency works. Then your team will be happy, healthy and profitable. A great reason to try our demo.

"I like the resource calendar so you can see availability at a glance. Overall, it brings several of our key needs into one, centralized place which is great."

- Jennifer Frazier, Firefly Partners

Alleviate Forecasting Anxiety

Larger projects mean more complex budgets. Between tracking essential resources and forecasting budget estimates, you’re unsure exactly how much work is required for each project. Your clients risk facing an unpleasant surprise come project completion.

The FP Fix

Cut through the haze and get a clearer vision of how your company works. Function Point gives you the long view into the ROI, health and efficiency of any given project and takes the guesswork out of forecasting.
  • Predict project success when you tie in Rate & Expense Management to Resource Allocation
  • Repeat profitable behaviour with easy-to-use Job Templates
  • Keep all project stakeholders in the loop with the Client Portal

Accounting & Invoicing

Eliminate the Bad Surprises

"With the right account tools in hand, your projects will earn more."

Brittany Coulter, Finance & Business Operations Manager
You wrapped up a lot of projects this year. Some turned a profit and others didn’t. And understanding profit is understanding success. You want to repeat the steps on the profitable projects but you’re missing the data and insights to understand how.

The FP Fix

One word: data. Getting the right information will help you eliminate any bad surprises and gain a true understanding of what profit looks like on a client-by-client basis and begin earning even more.
  • Simple Invoicing makes creating interim, deposit and final invoices intuitive
  • Detailed Invoicing makes essential workflow, estimated budgets, actual costs and variance data as simple as possible
  • Our Gold Level QuickBooks integration will help eliminate painstaking double entry
  • Improve cash flow
A great reason to try our demo.

"The way it keeps track of expenses attributed to a job is excellent. Nothing slips through the cracks. And the way it syncs with Quickbooks is the feature I was looking for. Such a time saver!"

- Nancy Hewitt, Dering Elliot & Associates

Get valuable data at a moment’s notice

Get the data you need when you really need it, easily pull reports at a moment’s notice, and always be in the know about your profit. Our centralized system provides an at-a-glance sense of everything from:
  • Real-time financial reports
  • Monthly invoice automation
  • Timesheet summaries
  • Internal and external expense reporting 
  A great reason to try our demo.

Business Intelligence

Does Your Data Make Sense?

"Be more decisive with centralized reports and dashboards."

Sophia Wilson, Senior Customer Success Manager
Who’s kidding who? Collecting data and analytics can be a chore. When it comes to investigating profitability, you’re drowning in a never-ending loop of spreadsheets and different analytics tools. Cumbersome analytics processes are preventing you from making smart business decisions. And that’s not good for any business.

The FP Fix

Get centralized and visualized analytics at a glance and glean important business insights. Always stay on track and make the right decisions when they matter most with:
  • Real-time insights into project profitability
  • Up-to-the-minute budgets
  • Immediate data on team efficiency & utilization rates

"The reporting - WOW. We are able to dive very deep into the details of our business unlike any software before."

- Nick Williams, Compass Marketing

Get essential data insights, immediately.

It’s now or never. Sometimes insights into project health can’t wait until the end of the month or project completion. You need the information to make big project decisions and it can’t wait until it’s convenient.  

The FP Fix

No more waiting for data reports that will be ancient news in two weeks:
  • Instant insights
  • Real-time reporting
  • Make informed, smart decisions when they matter most
A great reason to try a demo of our product.


Unity Takes Many

“Find project harmony for your clients with our collaborative tools.”

          Laura Johnston, Customer Success Manager
Clients want to know what’s happening. You know your client’s project is in good health but you’re constantly getting flooded with phone calls and emails ‘just asking for an update.’  Plus, sending clients an attachment mess of spreadsheets, invoices and documents for approval is a little unpolished and kind of embarrassing.

The FP Fix

Keep your clients happy and in the know with our Client Portal. It’s the easiest way to get project harmony, have total transparency, and let your clients know that they’ve got the best possible work coming their way:
  • Multiple user logins and custom profiles
  • Show detailed project updates
  • Dedicated forums to post projects and receive feedback
  • Our Notes tool indicates upcoming tasks
  • Customized alerts on status updates
  A great reason to try our demo.

“From time-keeping to projects and assignments management to the client portal, FP offers everything we need. Even though we're a boutique firm, FP gives us the capability to operate like our larger counterparts.”

- Ruth Netanel, IDealogic Brand Lab

This is just what I needed.

Gain the FP Advantage.

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