Project Management Company Launches New Product Direction to Serve Niche in the Market

February 2, 2016

Function Point Productivity Software (fp.) is launching a “finance-first” approach in the development of its project management software for creative agencies. The product vision is unique in its focus on connecting agencies’ financial components with project management. “We’ve spent a lot of time talking to agencies, and there seemed to be a gap in project management software, between linking planning, and managing the work and resources, with the financial side,” said Tate Lillies, VP of Product.

Function Point’s strategy to fulfill its product vision is to continue to build and develop the software’s linked financial reporting and project management system. Financial integration begins at the estimate stage, continues through scheduling, execution, completion, and finally, to analysis. Creative agencies will be able to enter project information and have the data closely linked to the job costs incurred, to determine the health of projects through various phases.

“It’s not just about managing projects, it’s about managing the projects to be profitable,” said Lillies. “Clients will have the ability to enter data and have different views, so they can see what they’re planning, what their human resources are doing, and if they’re going to be profitable on the job in the planning stage. They’ll also be able to track the job along the way to continue to make sure it’s profitable.”

In addition to improved financial visibility at every step, Function Point is streamlining the process, so that agencies will only need to enter their data once. The goal is to create a solid user experience and make the process as simple as possible, to save time, and money. “There is project management software which allows you to build substantial plans,” added Lillies, “but you can’t look at the plan versus what it will cost you and what you’ll ultimately charge your clients.” With the drive toward a system that intrinsically integrates an agency’s financial components with project management, Function Point envisions a future where agencies refer to “the fp. way” of increasing agency health and profitability.

To understand the ongoing challenges faced by creative agencies, the Function Point team is consistently engaging with its clients. “We’re really dedicated to talking to customers, testing ideas and solving problems, not just building features,” said Lillies. “We ask, ‘what’s the need, what’s the big problem here, and what’s the best way to solve it?’” If clients have ideas or suggestions, they can connect with Function Point in a variety of ways, including an online portal where they can submit ideas or feature requests. Every submission is considered, and receives a direct response from Function Point’s product team.

Function Point is committed to delivering the product vision and in the last six months, has hired five software developers to support the team. The company is currently expanding again, and will be hiring additional staff for various positions, including SaaS application software developers, a UI designer, an accounting & operations manager, and marketing specialists. “Function Point is founded on the values of personal development, respect, accountability, and having a great life,” said Chris Wilson, Founder & CEO of Function Point. “We like to empower everyone to do their best, and we’re a great fit for people who are fully present, interacting, excited and engaged.”

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