Function Point Software Announces First Step in Product Re-Design

June 25, 2015

Function Point Productivity Software has released the first step of a redesign of its all-in-one project management system for creative agencies. The release updates the look and feel of the software by using engaging design elements to make better use of screen space, and increase the pages’ legibility. The new release lays the foundation for subsequent design work which will focus on further improving real-time reporting and the streamlining of workflows.

The redesign program began in August 2014, when Function Point Product Team members Tate Lillies, VP Product, and Cheryl Chung, UX Designer, interviewed and observed staff at 16 different client companies using the software. The businesses included advertising agencies, experiential marketing firms, video production companies, custom app development boutiques, and marketing teams within large companies. Tate and Chung met with owners, project and traffic managers, accountants and designers. “We talked to a lot of clients,” said Chung. “And we asked, ‘When you’re using project management software, what are you looking for?’ And the feedback we got was that users have three main reasons why they use Function Point.”

The first point the Product Team identified in their research is that creative agency staff need an all-in-one project management solution that makes it possible to view financial information and understand how that information—such as quotes, budgets and invoices— relates to ongoing project planning, managing tasks and resources. Second, managers, finance staff and company executives require visibility on the health of their projects and companies. Finally, production teams desire a software tool that helps them identify priorities and stay up-to-date without getting slowed down by processes.

The groundwork of the Project Team’s client-based research gives the Function Point developers a wealth of consolidated, relevant information to guide and inform the interface redesign. And, since the development team uses Agile Product Development processes, Function Point clients will continue to have the opportunity to provide ideas and feedback during the implementation. Clients that are part of the beta-testing program report that they appreciate having the chance to offer input into the development of the software, and are excited about the release of the new product.

The Function Point team also worked with UI Designer Jordan Borth to create a new UI Style Guide for the software. Users will notice immediate improvements to the readability, with more consistent design patterns, and added white space to allow the data to stand out. In addition, the pages will also be more tablet friendly. Now that the foundation of the redesign is in place, the Function Point development team will continue to release incremental designs and features of the cloud-based project management software.

About Function Point Productivity Software Inc.
Function Point Productivity Software is the leading all-in-one project management solution specially designed for ad agencies, design studios and internal marketing departments who are looking to streamline their business. Our integrated software combines project management, time tracking, CRM, financial, and business reporting tools in one convenient cloud based system. Easy, effective, and efficient — do more with Function Point.

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