Function Point Launches Inaugural Educational Webinar to Improve Creative Agency Business

March 12, 2016

Function Point Productivity Software invites creative agencies to register for an industry expert webinar, “The New Age of Niche: What Creative Agencies Can Learn From the Startup Space,” presented by Steve Haak, Partner and VP of Strategy & UX at Solid State Pros, on March 30, 2016. Mr Haak will provide an overview of the transitioning agency world, insight on why creative agencies should engage with startups, advice on the unique challenges of operating in this industry niche, and tips on how to enter the startup space.

Haak has worked for many years in tech, internet and marketing for large, Tier 1 agencies helping to lead the online presence for the world’s largest brands, and recently re-branded and re-launched the member-owned digital agency Solid State Pros. Webinar participants will have the chance to hear Haak’s perspective on current trends affecting creative agencies, and how boutique agencies are drawing more and more of the market share away from the large, Tier 1 agencies.

The webinar will delve into the benefits of working with startups—the speed of development, passion of the owners, and variety in the types of businesses. “It’s incredible how diverse they are,” notes Haak, and references a number of Solid State Pros’ startups, including share-economy mobile apps, a video gaming café, special LED grow-light system, and golf hardware that can analyze and improve your swing. “It’s refreshing and fun,” adds Haak. “For agencies that like speed, turnaround and variation, startups are the epitome of that.” One of the key financial benefits is that in the relationship with a startup, the agency becomes a partner and investor, and has the opportunity to hold and grow equity.

When signing a startup business, agencies should expect different challenges than they typically experience with established clientele. Cash and funding uncertainty are at the top of the list, and Haak emphasizes that agencies need to adjust their business model when working with startups. “You need to wear a new hat that includes helping the startups find money, too. Since every startup is in a different stage of funding, and has a different capacity and appetite for paid services, you can’t just say ‘here’s my rate card.’” During the webinar, Haak will talk about how agencies can be more flexible in sourcing funding, and how important it is that the agency becomes a partner on the journey.

The webinar will also cover the need for creative agencies to be aware that startups are heavily invested in their brand, both emotionally and financially, which can make it challenging to push the brand so that it’s marketable to investors. Unlike companies that are familiar working with agencies, startups are often embarking on their first venture, and Haak advises the importance of the need to educate the client along the entire journey, and, as they’re moving so fast, they often don’t read or understand the whole statement of work.

As experts operating in the industry niche of the startup space, Solid State Pros has taken the initiative to fill a gap in the marketplace, and will launch their proprietary software solution at Collision Conference in April 2016. Named, the software provides proprietary tools and processes to investors for streamlining group decision-making and vetting for startup ideas and products.

Lastly, Haak will provide tips on how to enter the network of the startup space. “If you’re not in the startup world, you don’t see startups very much at all,” he says. “It’s hard to know where to go.” Haak will give tips on how creative agencies can connect, and meet people who are developing startups in the same cities.

Join in the webinar on March 30, 2016 at 12pm PDT. You can reserve your spot here.

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