Function Point Introduces New Version of Creative Project Management Software

September 11, 2014

Function Point Productivity Software has released the latest version of its project management software designed for creative studios and ad agencies. A complete update of the system software has modernized and improved on the original foundation, and now offers clients greater usability, mobile infrastructure, higher security, and internal adaptation.

“I am so pleased to see us achieving this milestone in our product,” said Chris Wilson, President and Founder of Function Point. “Our technical team will be able to deliver new features and capabilities much more quickly and with a higher degree of quality. Everything that we have been working on is about improving the reliability and security of our clients’ data.”

The new code base has been modernized and updated from an early version of MySQL, an open-source database management system, to a Model-view-controller (MVC) infrastructure, a software architectural pattern for providing a more robust development process and ultimately user experience.

“The MVC structure offers flexibility we simply did not have in our previous code base,” said Alon Sabi, Vice President of Development Services at Function Point. “Now, the new system fully supports the agile development process, and with a new code base we are able to produce higher quality work in shorter periods of time.”

The need to revamp Function Point’s workflow management software was initiated by a rapidly growing client base. This motivated the team to find a solution to the issue of the older code’s limits of scalability. In addition, they also wanted to have the capability to add features and improve the user experience. Ultimately the new code base will support more scalable world deployment of the product in shorter periods of time, with higher reliability and lower management costs.

About Function Point Productivity Software Inc.
Function Point is a leading all-in-one project management solution specially designed for ad agencies, design studios and internal marketing departments looking to streamline their business. The integrated software combines project management, time tracking, CRM, financial, and business reporting tools in one convenient cloud based system, with over 5,000 active users worldwide. For more information about the company and the services Function Point offers, please visit

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