Function Point Increases Productivity In Ad Agency Workplace

August 21, 2014

Case studies conducted in July 2014 with clients of web-based software company Function Point indicate workflow management software increases efficiency in the workplace, simplifies the reporting process, and makes financial planning more effective.

Case Studies Reveal Creative Agency Management Software Improves Efficiency

Conquer Mobile, a specialist in enterprise mobile app development, reported that the implementation of Function Point’s software changed their team’s project workflow to a more efficient and consistent process. The firm now tracks projects from beginning to end — from estimates to time-tracking to billing to final reports — within one program, instead of using five separate software tools to run the business.

A second case study undertaken with Benz Communications, a San Francisco based company that works with large U.S. firms of 5000 employees or more, indicated that Function Point’s cloud-based project management software made it easier and faster for staff to access client information. Since Benz Communications’ employees are located in multiple locations around the U.S., having access to project tracking software in the cloud provides consolidated client information at a consistent access point, to all staff, country-wide.

“Our client case studies demonstrate that a single, integrated software system not only helps streamline a business’s operations and financial reporting, it provides an entire framework and structure for agencies,” said Chris Wilson, President and Founder of Function Point.

Full-service marketing agency Relevention had little visibility on project profitability prior to using Function Point. Their switch to project tracking software has given Relevention the means to capture all time-tracking and costs for billing, and achieve real-time visibility of client and project profitability, which has led to more precise estimating and forecasting.

About Function Point Productivity Software Inc.

Function Point Productivity Software is the leading all-in-one project management solution specially designed for ad agencies, design studios and internal marketing departments looking to streamline their business. Our integrated software combines project management, time tracking, CRM, financial and business reporting tools in one convenient cloud based system. Function Point’s comprehensive solution helps creative businesses improve their productivity and profitability by streamlining processes; simplifying collaboration; centralizing information; and delivering real-time business data. Easy, effective, and efficient — do more with Function Point.

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