Function Point Consulting Sessions Improve Creative Agency Processes

April 20, 2015

In March 2015 Function Point Productivity Software completed a case study of a high-level, onsite consulting and training session with client Parcel Design, to analyse their level of engagement with the creative project management system. The case study revealed that onsite training added value to the way staff uses the system, by further streamlining processes and promoting efficiency, improving visibility of the business’s health, and increasing knowledge about productivity.

Parcel Design is a brand strategy and communication design firm that had been using Function Point for seven years as their cloud-based, fully integrated agency management software system. The team was using the system to organize projects—from contacts, estimates and purchase orders, through to invoices and reconciliation. Julie Mitchell, Partner and Founder of Parcel Design was interested in learning new ways of using Function Point to help run the business more effectively.

One of the areas Mitchell requested assistance with was the visibility of information that’s necessary to being a partner in the creative agency. To address this, Marc Wilson, Senior Consultant at Function Point, first adjusted Mitchell’s personal Function Point dashboard so she could easily access information on the health of the business. Then, Wilson showed how productivity rates could be examined, and the way in which they relate to creative agency industry standards.

During the consulting sessions, Wilson was able to review whether the system’s configuration was aligned with the company’s business needs, and assist with changes. He determined where some of the company’s processes had become unwieldy, such as estimating and invoicing. Wilson worked with Parcel Design staff to streamline the monthly invoicing procedure, thus making it more efficient.

Joanne Hurley, Studio Manager at Parcel Design said, “The training process was well thought out. It consisted of breaking down the day into areas of the system, and then bringing in the appropriate participants, for example, the users of the particular modules. There was a lot of demonstration and Q&A.”

Bringing the team together with Function Point gave the group an opportunity to examine workflow processes, and fine tune techniques and systems based on industry best practices. Employees were given the opportunity to ask questions one-on-one, and update their knowledge of Function Point software, which is constantly evolving and improving based on client suggestions. In addition, several long-term staff reported feeling more confident after participating in the consulting process. After the sessions, Mitchell said felt she had a deeper level of engagement with the software, as well as a clearer picture of how to review their creative agency’s productivity.

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