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April 28, 2016

Techvibes, Canada’s leading technology news site, events calendar, and job board, has published an article exploring the culture and career opportunities at Function Point Productivity Software Inc. Chris Wilson, CEO & President of Function Point, discussed how the alignment between the company’s values and its vision has created a culture of success.

Founded 19 years ago, Function Point is a project management software company that helps creative agencies manage staff, time, and workflow to increase profitability. In the very beginning, Wilson made a conscious decision to start a business that would allow its employees to be able to afford a Vancouver lifestyle.

“There was an opportunity to create something where people could make a good wage, have a family, educate their kids, and live in Vancouver,” says Wilson. The idea encouraged him to launch Function Point, and has become one of the four pillars of the company. “It’s a values-based organization,” emphasizes Wilson, “founded on focusing on customers, respect, understanding that growth is happening all-around, and a sense of balance.”

Having a clearly defined set of company values assists Function Point staff in decision-making, as they endeavor to accomplish the company’s vision in helping creative thinkers around the globe be more productive and more profitable. Embracing the firm’s values also aids in finding the best possible fit between new hires, and a culture that asks employees to be fully present at work, and then be happy to leave work behind at the end of the day so they can be fully present at home with family and friends.

“Values are a very important part in the hiring process,” says Alon Sabi, VP of Technology at Function Point. “There is a whole slew of exercises that people have to do. The interview is a two-way highway in a sense.”

Both Wilson and Sabi recognize that an internal alignment between people, company values and vision makes for a better fit, and reduces conflict in the long run. Beyond the standard benefits for employees including medical and dental, Function Point offers a weekly work-from-home option; five personal days off a year; and a $2000 educational budget for personal and/or professional development.

“People are on a path of continuous learning,” says Wilson, and adds, “I’m personally engaged in education through ACETECH in Vancouver.” The not-for-profit organization supports CEOs of companies innovating with technology to improve their performance.

The Function Point office space, located in a heritage building in Kitsilano, 11 blocks from the beach, was chosen because its open layout fosters the interaction of self-managed teams. Developers work closely together within the Agile system, and specifically, the Scrum methodology. Sabi says, “Everyone has the best equipment and the best software for their role.”

Developers are provided with a Macbook Pro and up to three monitors. One of the investments Function Point has made to synchronize the alignment of people, values and vision is to work with Executive Business Coach Roberto Erario, to further develop a culture of support where people can thrive and grow.

“So it all comes back to learning, working with the very best tools, creating a culture of success,” says Wilson. “Building a team that won’t let each other down.”

In the past few years, Function Point has grown from 25 to 44 employees, and the business is starting to expand in international territories.

“The goal is to become a worldwide organization that crosses linguistic and cultural boundaries,” says Wilson. “It is part of our mission to become more of a global organization.”

By holding true to its company values and vision, and promoting a workplace culture that supports continuous learning and work-life balance, Wilson anticipates Function Point will continue to grow at a steady and healthy pace.

Read the article here.

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Function Point Productivity Software is the leading all-in-one project management solution specially designed for ad agencies, design studios and internal marketing departments who are looking to streamline their business. Our integrated software combines project management, time tracking, CRM, financial, and business reporting tools in one convenient cloud based system. Easy, effective, and efficient — do more with Function Point.
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