Function Point Introduces a Powerful Built-in Proofing Tool for Creatives

August 10, 2021

Function Point Introduces a Powerful Built-in Proofing Tool for Creatives

By Function Point

Proofing provides a seamless all-in-one digital review and approval process for creative agencies and their clients.

Function Point, an all-in-one management software solution for creative agencies, launches Proofing, its latest product offering. Proofing elevates collaboration, accelerates turnaround times, and reduces creative burnout by allowing clients to review creative material, post comments, and approve content – all within the Function Point system quickly and more effectively.

Creatives and approvers can upload and share any type of file – image, doc, PDF, video, audio, and spreadsheet – within the platform. Proofing automates the approval workflow, notifying users each time an action takes place in the review process. Now creatives can engage and mark-up proofs with multiple project stakeholders in real-time, with no additional software or emailing required.

Using Proofing in Function Point allows creatives to get files approved 50% faster than the conventional method of emailing digital proofs for review. Working within a single platform leads to faster feedback, fewer revisions, and less confusion for all those involved.

Function Point CEO, Bobby Floujeh, said, “Our customers’ needs have always taken priority at Function Point. We have been listening closely – Proofing was a highly coveted need. With this new product addition, customers will recognize and appreciate the boost in their teams’ workflow efficiencies.

Proofing drives productivity through Function Point’s centralized platform for creative teams by streamlining and accelerating internal processes while elevating collaboration with clients.

Learn more about how Proofing can help your team save time and increase productivity.

About Function Point
Function Point is an all-in-one agency management solution that offers project and resource management, CRM, estimating, financial, and business intelligence all wrapped in a single easy-to-use software service. Used by more than 7000 customers worldwide, this award-winning all-in-one solution enables teams to connect each stage of the project management lifecycle so that they can do what they do best – be creative.

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