Function Point Announces the Appointment of CEO, Sebastian Vaitus

December 20, 2022

December 20th | Vancouver, BC | Function Point is proud to announce the recent appointment of Sebastian Vaitus as CEO.

Sebastian Vaitus has taken after Bobby Floujeh, who served as President and CEO of Function Point for the last three years. During his tenure, Bobby championed employee well-being (leading Function Point to earn the Great Place to Work recognition) and focused on driving customer satisfaction.

As CEO, Sebastian has committed to building upon the core values of Function Point: “I am honored and excited to lead the talented team at Function Point, and embody the core values of Customer-centricity, People, Ownership, and Trust by continuing to build a strong community and culture with both our customers and the internal team.”

Sebastian started his career by working with fast-paced startups in Canada and the U.S., gaining first-hand insight into the most challenging business and engineering dynamics that have shaped his entrepreneurial vision.

Subsequently, Sebastian joined IBM to deliver innovative solutions in the Airline, Retail, and Hospitality industries before launching his consulting practice. As a consultant, Sebastian advised private and public sector companies on product/service strategy, development and delivery, working on high-profile initiatives such as the PRESTO transit fare collection system, one of Canada’s most prominent public IT deployments.

Sebastian’s passion for technology innovation then led him to founding Emvix, which offered an AR based remote assistance platform, and various executive leadership roles in the technology sector. Prior to joining Function Point, Sebastian held the position of Vice President of New Product Initiatives at Vontas, a leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) space.

Sebastian is looking forward to leveraging his rich background in product development to better empower customers: “As a curious problem-solver with a strong product development background, I am devoted to amplifying the voice of our customers to better understand their challenges and opportunities, allowing Function Point to implement the best solutions and support. I strongly believe that by partnering with our customers, together we can offer the best value and experience to the end clients.”

Since its launch in 1997, Function Point has grown into an award-winning all-in-one agency management and productivity solution, enabling agencies to deliver client work on time and on budget consistently.

About Function Point

Function Point alleviates the chaotic nature of operating creative agencies, internal marketing teams, and professional service firms. Used by over 9000 customers across the world, the all-in-one solution helps teams connect each stage of agency and project management. Its mission has always been to develop a finance-first online agency management solution that empowers customers to quickly gauge the health of projects, help eliminate over-servicing and maximize efficiencies with their clients.

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